Cycle Service Nordic is a member of the Nordic Accell group.

This means that you can buy bikes at our sister companies which are Tunturi Sweden, Tunturi-Hellberg in Finland and Accell Denmark.

Some of the brands which you can buy are: Lapierre, Batavus, Winora, Haibike, Nishiki, Ghost, Koga and more.

Note! Not all our sister companies are selling the same bike brands. 

If you are a customer at Tunturi Sweden, Tunturi-Hellberg or Accell Denmark already, you can log in to their B2B Accentry website direct.

If you would like to be a customer and buy bikes, please contact the companies respectively.


Contact addresses


Accentry website for Tunturi-Hellberg:


SE  Sweden

Accentry website for Tunturi Sweden:


DK  Denmark

Accentry website for Accell Denmark:



Original spare parts for bicycles will be sold by Tunturi Sweden, Tunturi-Hellberg and Accell Denmark.

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