Fahrer Berlin is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Cycle Service Nordic, which will cover the whole of Scandinavia

New partnership will see Fahrer Berlin e-bike products distributed in Scandinavia from January 2020

Thanks to this new partnership, the bicycle dealers all over Scandinavia will gain access to the Fahrer Berlin e-bike accessories, which includes cover for battery, drive unit, display and pin units and also mud flaps and chain guards.


Ville Sintonen, Brand Manager, Cycle Service Nordic 

“E-bikes are getting more and more popular, and it is only natural that there is a demand for e-bike specific accessories. Fahrer Berlin is the pioneer of these accessories.

Since 2012 Fahrer Berlin has invented products which are specially designed for e-bikes. Driving unit, display and battery are the premium parts of an e-bike. Fahrer Berlin products are made to protect these premium parts from external influences. The product range includes protection cover for battery, drive unit, display and pin units.

Winter in Scandinavia is especially hard for your e-bike. Cold weather shortens the range of the battery, so by protecting the battery from the cold you can get extra kilometers in cold temperatures. Since no one wants water, slush, dirt and other external influences to ruin their e-bike parts, you need a solution to take care of these. Covers for drive unit, display and pin unit keep your precious e-bike safe during storage and transportation.

These e-bike accessories are a brand new category in our product portfolio, which will strengthen Cycle Service Nordic’s idea of #OneStopShopping, and we are very pleased to have another interesting brand to work with."

 Fahrer Berlin

More information about Fahrer Berlin products, please visit www.fahrer-berlin.de/en/e-bike

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