Cycle Service Nordic will distribute HIPLOK locks from January 2020

We are delighted to announce that Cycle Service Nordic will partner with HIPLOK and begin distribution of their innovative portfolio of bicycle locks from January 2020 in the entire Nordic Region.

With the introduction of HIPLOK, Cycle Service Nordic will strengthen its offering in the bike lock category. The unique approach, product design and functionality that HIPLOK stands for makes a great addition to our already existing bike lock offerings from AXA and XLC. We are convinced that combining the strengths of these three brands we will get an extremely attractive offering for our customers in this very important product category.

We expect to have the products online on our web shop before the end of November this year, and the first products to be in stock and ready to ship to customers by the end of January 2020.

For us at Cycle Service Nordic, this is yet another brick in our big puzzle - fulfilling our #OneStopShopping strategy with the overall goal to provide retailers with a complete and attractive portfolio of bicycle parts and accessories.



HIPLOK co-founders, Ben Smith and John Abrahams are product designers by trade and cyclists by heart. With over 25 years combined design and cycle industry experience, they set out to change security for cyclists. They wanted to protect what they love by bringing their design expertise and rider experience to deliver innovative, quality, bicycle locks which not only protect your bike but protect the joy of riding.

The result was the world’s first wearable bike lock. But that was only the beginning. Since the launch of the HIPLOK ORIGINAL in 2011, the pair have continued to lead on innovation, designing and building quality security products which riders around the world trust in. And when they are not at the drawing board or on the testing table at HIPLOK’s UK Design Headquarters, you’ll find them riding bikes.

All HIPLOK locks are designed and developed at their headquarters in the UK by their small dedicated team of innovators and bike riders. From the patented adjustable belt fastening on their wearable chain locks to the CLIP + RIDE on their D-locks and ultra-reflectivity of the SUPERBRIGHT Series, they believe the small details make a big difference to the enjoyment of the ride



Eager to learn more about the HIPLOK brand? 

Try visit their website www.hiplok.com

Or follow them on social media:

Instagram www.instagram.com/hiploklocks/
Facebook www.facebook.com/hiplok/

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