SKS-Germany is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Cycle Service Nordic, which will cover the areas of Finland, Norway and Sweden

New partnership will see SKS-Germany products distributed in Norway, Sweden and Finland from January 2020

Thanks to this new partnership, the bicycle dealers from these regions will for the first time gain access to the entire product range of SKS-Germany, including mudguards, pumps, bottle cages, saddlebags and the new COMPIT system.

The smart and robust COMPIT system is a new generation of SKS smartphone holders with innovative features like i.a. the ability to charge the smartphone on the ride wirelessly (QI certified). Special covers for various smartphone models as well as a universal adapter allow quick and simple attachment.


Ville Sintonen, Brand Manager, Cycle Service Nordic 
“SKS-Germany is a brand that is well known about their high-quality bicycle accessories. SKS-Germany has produced these accessories for more than 50 years and for example for over that time, the Rennkompressor has been the most popular pump in international cycling and the sole legitimate ancestor of all floor pumps. 

For the Scandinavian weathers SKS-Germany mudguards are essential product for all the bicycle shops in the area. Products like Bluemels, X-Blade and ShockBlade has been extremely popular for a long time already, but still SKS has been able to answer to constantly changing markets for example introducing Speedrocker, mudguards for rapidly growing Gravel-markets.

Also new products that SKS has introduces lately, like wide range of saddle bags and phone cases, strengthens Cycle Service Nordic’s idea of #OneStopShopping. We are very happy to start cooperation with another very strong brand.”


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