Madrid, July 2nd 2018

Bkool and Cycle Service Nordic have come to the joint conclusion, that there is no longer any room for a traditional distributor. Bkool as a brand is solid in the Danish market and this is a good time for Bkool to become active themselves.

Bkool will continue to deliver best-in-class products at affordable prices for many years to come.
Going forward sales and warranty issues in Scandinavia will be handled by Cykelpartner.
Please find as follows their contact: Tlf. (+45) 39 40 31 31

Bkool og Cycle Service Nordic har konkluderet at der ikke længere er plads til en traditionel distributør af Bkool i Skandinavien. Bkool har en solid position på det danske marked og ser det som et godt tidspunkt, 
selv at blive aktive på det danske marked. Bkool vil fortsat levere “Best-in-class” produkter til overkommelige priser.

Fremadrettet har Bkool etableret et samarbejde med Cykelpartner, der indebærer at Cykelpartner varetager salg- og garantihenvendelser i Skandinavien.
Industrivej 9, Jebjerg DK-7870 Roslev Tlf. (+45) 39 40 31 31

About Bkool ®
Bkool is a technology company that creates interactive and innovative solutions for sports and videogaming. In the field of cycling, it has developed the most advanced trainer and simulator.
The simulator lets cyclists ride any route in the world in 3D alongside other cyclists in different places connected in real time. With the simulator, users experience the same sensations they would have on the road.
Its 3D World technology simulates any route in the world in 3D and recreates the actual elevation of the terrain and the details in the landscape.
Its 3D Real Weather ™ technology recreates the weather in real time on any route.
Bkool is available in seven languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and distributes its products worldwide.