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XLC Chain Cleaner BL-W18
For cleaning chain rings, cassettes and derailleurs, With integrated brush for easy application, 400 ml
Art. nr: 2501793500 XLC Chain Cleaner BL-W18
XLC Chain Wax BL-W20 100 ml
For dry, dusty and damp conditions, Long lasting lubrication without post-treatment, seals drivetrain, hardly attracts dirt
Art. nr: 2501793610 XLC Chain Wax BL-W20 100 ml
XLC Suspension Cleaner BL-W19
For cleaning and protection, For forks, dampers and dropper posts, reduces friction, removes dust and microscopic dirt, creates water-resistant lubric…
Art. nr: 2501793600 XLC Suspension Cleaner BL-W19