Are you an entrepreneur and your main business is the sale of bicycle parts or bicycle-related products? Then you can be a customer of Cycle Service Nordic.

As a customer of Cycle Service Nordic, you will be offered some of the market’s best parts and accessories for cycles.

We offer recognized brands and products in every price range, often with an option to choose between alternative products. You can view our brands here: Brands »

Our aim is to be the leading supplier for all Nordic cycle businesses and offer a one-stop shopping solution with fantastic service.

As part of Accell Group, one of the leading businesses in the cycle industry, we have access to one of the industry’s largest networks in the area of bicycle parts and accessories and to producers across the whole world.

By offering you a broad range of products consisting of both well-established and new, innovative brands, we wish to support your bicycle business to become successful.

With this in mind, our goal is to link the entire Nordic region via a chain of local dealers and warehouses while also offering fantastic service and rapid delivery.

If you would like to be a customer of Cycle Service Nordic, please fill out the form below.

Please note!
We only trade with commercial partners and do not therefore sell directly to private consumers.