Terms of Trade

-General Customer Terms and Conditions
-Delivery Information
-Order Confirmation
-Delivery Terms
-Credit Policy
-Payment Terms
-Service and Warranty
-Return Policy
-Privacy Policy


General Customer Terms and Conditions

The customer relationship will be reassessed and possibly terminated if one or more of the following conditions are not fulfilled:

-The customer must have an active VAT (sales tax) number.
-The customer’s primary business must be sales of bicycle parts and related products.
-The customer’s management of service, warranties and claims must be done professionally vis-à-vis the end-consumer.
-The customer must have a least one full-time employee who is occupied with sales of bicycle parts and related products.
-The customer must own the sales channel or sales platform from which most of the customer sales to the end-consumer take place. For example, this channel may be a physical shop or a webshop. 


Delivery Information

Regular online store
We make every effort to ship orders submitted before 12:00 on the same day.
Please note, however, that individual products may require a longer delivery time or there may be circumstances, such as item size or particularly busy periods, that result in your order being shipped later.


Order Confirmation

When you submit an order through our regular online store, you will receive automatic confirmation via email.
This contains an order number, order date, contact information and a list of the products ordered.
You can always find open orders on your customer page by clicking on your "Customer area" and "Dashboard" at the top right corner of our website.


Delivery Terms

Please see our updated delivery terms and conditions on our website.
You can find them here: Delivery Terms »



Current and applicable prices are shown on our website or in accordance with an agreement entered into with Cycle Service Nordic.
We reserve the right to change prices with immediate effect, affecting all orders delivered after the price change is implemented and visible on our website
The prices in our online store are exclusive of VAT, freight charges or postage, which may vary and are imposed in accordance with our current delivery terms.


Credit Policy

As a new customer, you are automatically granted an uninsured line of credit.
The amount will be shown in the customer agreement that is sent to you.


Payment Terms

Our payment terms will be shown in the customer agreement that is sent to you.



We usually invoice customers by sending a PDF invoice by email.
However, you also have the option of receiving an e-invoice.
If you would like to receive e-invoices, please indicate this in the field titled “Invoicing” in our form “New Customer”.


Service and Warranty

Please see our updated claims and warranty terms and conditions on our website.
You can find them here: Claims and Warranty »


Return Policy

It is our aim and wish that the products you buy from us fulfil the quality expectations and functionality as prescribed.
Mistaken orders, order processing errors and transport damage can, however, occur and we recommend, therefore, that you always check the order confirmation against the goods received.

Mistaken orders

  • If you have mistakenly ordered a product, you are welcome to return it. The cost of the product will then be added to your credit.
  • The product must be returned unused and in the original, unopened packaging.
  • The item must be sent directly to our address.
  • Products that are not normally part of our range but were specifically ordered for you cannot be returned.
  • Returns must be done no later than 14 days after delivery unless otherwise agreed.
  • Please contact our service department before returning products.
  • All shipping costs will be borne by the purchaser.

 Order processing error

  • Contrary to expectation, should there be an error or defect in your order such as a discrepancy in relation to the delivery note, we ask you to contact us immediately to arrange a supplement, an exchange or a return.
  • Requests must be done no later than 14 days after the date on the delivery note.
  • In case of exchange or return, the packaging and product must be undamaged.
  • Please contact our service department before returning products.
  • All freight costs will be borne by Cycle Service Nordic.

 Transport damage

  • If you receive a damaged shipment, it is important that you immediately lodge a complaint with the transport company on receipt of the package.
  • Please then follow up by contacting us, reporting the package number (stated on the freight label) and to agree the next steps.



As a customer of Cycle Service Nordic, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter.
The newsletter is exclusive to our customers.
The newsletter provides information on new products, exciting competitions, tips and tricks, event invitations and much more.
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We are looking forward to sending you all the best from Cycle Service Nordic.


Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy carefully.
You can find it here: Privacy Policy »

If you have any questions regarding our policy, you are welcome to contact us.